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Bloomington Window Tint Upgrades Shop To Accelerate Drying Time

Closed cell spray foam insulation installed today. Thanks to for doing a great job. Radiant heaters going in soon so I’ll be able to “bake” the tint after install to accelerate drying time in the colder months.

Closed cell spray foam insulation installed today.
Company News

New Radiant Infra Red Heating Installed in Bloomington Window Tint Shop

Radiant infra red heat will be bathing the shop and drying the tint even on the coldest days.

Company News Halcyon Shades

Bloomington Window Tint Is Pleased To Announce That We Are Now A Dealer For Halcyon Shades!

Keep the light, lose the glare and heat. The shades give you all the benefits of window tinting, and the convenience of a shade that you control.

Custom fitted to your home or business, and hand made in St. Louis, MO.

Bloomington Window Tint offers installation of Commercial & Residential Window Shades

Call Andrew anytime for a free consultation to find the best solution for your sun control needs.

Check out their website here: