Automotive Window Tint & Film Installation Ceramic Film Farm Equipment

The Benefits of Ceramic Window Film On Your Farm & Heavy Equipment

Enclosed cabs need lots of windows for safe operation, but those windows let in a lot of heat and dangerous UV rays.

Bloomington Window Tint can solve both those problems with the wonder of ceramic window films.  Ceramic film captures the infra-red part of the light spectrum, eliminates the UV, and allows 70% of the visible light to pass through.   The film on the units in the pictures eliminates 92% of the infra-red pass through.  It’s the highest heat reduction film we have, even limo black film does not reduce as much heat.

Keep the cab cool and your operators safe from damaging UV rays with products from Bloomington Window Tint such as Global Ice-Cool 70 ceramic film.

Cat Excavator with Ice-Cool 70% Ceramic

Kubota field tractor with Ice-Cool 70 ceramic.

Ceramic Tint on Front Doors of Tesla X

Ceramic magic. This Tesla X came by for Global 70% Ice-Cool ceramic on the front door windows. This is my highest heat reduction film for automotive glass. Cool does not have to be dark.

Tesla Model X 70% Ceramic Window Film