Halcyon Shades Residential Window Tint & Film Installation

Halcyon Shades Help With Keeping Your Furnishings From Fading Away!

The cabinet in the first pic had a circular tray on top of it. One day they moved it and discovered quite a surprise.

Bloomington Window Tint solved this problem with UV eliminating film on the east and south facing windows. Then, to solve the glare problem they had in the morning, a 12 ft. wide Halcyon Shades on the upper bank of windows. Had to bring in scaffolding for this one!

Halcyon Shades

Wininger Construction Works with Bloomington Window Tint to Install Halcyon Solar Control Shades

Halcyon solar control shades are the perfect solution for windows that you love to look out, but need sun control on. These shades provide up to 83% solar energy rejection. And for those days you want the sun to warm you up, roll them up!


UV Protection and Cool Temperatures For Family in Dodge Minivan

With 5% film on the rear sides and back window (30% on the fronts), the kids strapped into their seats will enjoy complete protection from UV rays, won’t be getting sweaty in their seats, and be able to see their device screens much better for no complaints travel.

The factory privacy glass that comes on the rear windows of SUV’s, trucks, and minivans does NOT provide complete UV protection. It’s only good for around 50-60% reduction. A window tint film of any shade (even clear film) reduces UV rays by 99%.

Automotive Window Tint & Film Installation Ceramic Film

Ceramic Window Film Is The Perfect Solution For UV & Heat Protection From The Sun

We’ve had two 80% ceramic film installs this week. Do you know somebody who would like to be protected from the sun’s heat and UV, but doesn’t want their windows darkened? Ceramic 80% film is the perfect solution. It reduces 75% of the infra-red, 99% of the UV, but lets through 80% of the visible light.